Curatorial Statement

OUT OF SITE is a curated showcase exhibited at Gallery 22 as part of Design Philadelphia, 2019. Out of Site pulls from Heit and Haikes' previous three limited-engagement exhibitions (originally online for Philly Tech Week 2016 and 2017 and on-site for DesignPhiladelphia 2016) featured technology-based works such as websites, software, apps, twitter feeds, etc., and were defined as Out of Frame (disruptive tech), Out of Context (displaced, offering a new visual language), and Out of Bounds (playful and experimental), respectively.

These participating new media artists will showcase their work for another immersive limited engagement, live for DesignPhiladelphia 2019. Curated by Belinda Haikes and Gaby Heit.

Out Of Frame Artists (2016): Caspar Below, Nia Burks, Marco De Mutiis, Chris Eben, Hope Hutman, Tyler Kline, Jon Montenegro, Lisa Marie Patzer, Michael Richison and TangenT ArT CollaboraTive.

Out Of Context Artists (2017): Jennida Chase, Chris Eben, Carrie Ida Edinger, Josh Fishburn, Belinda Haikes, Eric Juth, Tyler Kline, Dermot MacCormack, TangenT ArT CollaboraTive, Andrew Cameron Zahn.

Out Of Bounds (BYOBeamer, 2016): Valerie Blassey, Belinda Haikes, Quadratron, Animated Architecture and TangenT ArT CollaboraTive.

A Special Thank-you to Shawn at Gallery 22

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