Caspar Below

Caspar Below is a London-based artist, who has shown his work at exhibitions and film festivals across Europe and the US. Projects include the ritual disposal of bad advice about life, the creation of cocktails as local historical memorials and training Londoners in techniques of urban self-evacuation. In 2013 he won the Camberwell Open with his Payday Loan Cenotaph installation and was specially commended by the London Sinfonietta orchestra for his ‘Commuter Audio Algorithm’ composition. He has ongoing collaborative working relationships with artists in the UK, India, Germany and Norway.

The Trilogy of Painful Changes

The Trilogy of Painful Changes is a series of videos turning patterns of technological change into fables. The stories are three different experiences of difficult or hard to accept transformations and paradigm shifts. The text based animations use glitch aesthetics and speed reading technology to set the characters on a collision course at a rate of up to 300 words per minute.


S/N is a multi-disciplinary art group, which works extensively with, but not limited to, video, sound, animation, photography, and mobile media. The exhibitions often include performative elements and mediated footage, pushing both experimental and conceptual ideas around media. Members include Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts who have been collaborating since 2008. Their work has been exhibited and screened in over 37 countries world wide in various festivals. Currently, Jennida and Hassan both teach at the University of North Carolina Greensboro in the Department of Media Studies.

Stacked Skyline

Stacked Skyline is a playable collage featuring prominent buildings in the skyline of Charlotte, NC. To interact with the collage, look for the QR code. Open your phone’s camera application. Hold the phone close to the code and let the camera focus on it. A text will appear on your phone asking if you would like to open the link. Click on this text and the video work will open and you can enjoy it.

Eric Juth

Eric Juth is an artist and educator currently based in North Carolina. Juth works at the intersection of collage, painting, and digital media. His art has been exhibited North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and online.



The “reCAPTCHA” system was developed to prevent bots from exploiting services provided by social media platforms. Prior to its current iteration, it displayed narrowly cropped, lo-res JPEGs of street addresses sourced from Google Street View. Between May and July 2016, just prior the system getting updated (and its corresponding images all but vanishing from the web,) I manually downloaded over 2000 reCAPTCHA image files. These files then became the source material for a series of printed collages and a generative piece.

Tyler Kline

Tyler Kline is a curator and artist living and working in Philadelphia. Kline grew up in Stone Mountain, GA, studied Architecture and Painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He received a BA in both Anthropology and Sculpture from Portland State University and an MFA in Installation and Sculpture from The Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts.

Hex Operations

The 3D printed objects are player pieces in this game, representing human and nonhuman players. Using the digital to realize gestural forms is a process much like rolling a die in D&D: intentional glitches are introduced into the printing process, to impose a structure on the element of chance, and chance onto structure.

Dermot MacCormack

Dermot Mac Cormack is a Philadelphia based designer, educator, writer and artist. He explores digital forms of narratives within our networked world. His generative artwork has been showcased in various exhibitions and has also been integrated with live performances that combine music performance, generative installations, and dance. Together with Patricia McElory, he is also a partner in the award-winning, multidisciplinary design firm, 21xdesign, and is Chair of the Graphic & Interactive Design Department at Tyler School of Art + Architecture, Temple University in Philadelphia.

Enzo Radiate

This piece is part of an ongoing investigation into producing generative, digital artwork that is inspired by Japanese calligraphic forms called Enzos. Traditionally, these circles are created in a single fluid stoke using sumi-e, ink and paper. The Enzos that I am creating are created via programming and are activated using recordings of various Buddhist sutras. These audio clips have been altered to accentuate properties in order to enhance the dynamics of the artwork they create.

Jon Montenegro

Jon Montenegro is an interactive artist working with internet data as a medium. His work is focused on exploring ways of translating data into interactive art pieces, to give a new perspective of what the medium of data is... or can be. Other types of artworks also include exploring generative, augmented reality, and active audience interactive art, in which the audience can participate in the creation and manipulation of the art pieces.

Website: I
nstagram: @zeitgeistbot


This piece is part of an ongoing generative artworks.

Lisa Marie Patzer

Lisa Marie Patzer approaches her creative work as a form of research through which she teases out and makes visible ideas that are significant to understanding institutional, cultural, and psycho-social spheres of influence. Her technologically specific approach produces formal results that are uniquely inherent to the systems in question. Patzer’s work is interdisciplinary, traversing the social sciences, communication production technologies, and various spheres of public influence.

Profile Confusion & Dreaming of Wonder Women

"Profile Confusion" features user-generated content transgress traditional boundaries between digital and physical space. “Dreaming of Wonder Woman” is part of a series of short films exploring the pre-digital domestic archive of American life. .

Josh Fishburn

Josh Fishburn is a teacher, game designer, and new media artist whose research focuses on videogames as creative expression. His work often takes the form of small-form, vignette-like art games, and his research interests span videogame history, novel game controllers and interfaces, creative coding, and the pedagogy of programming as a creative practice for beginners. Software toolmaking and tinkering are key research methods. He is Assistant Professor of Interactive Multimedia at The College of New Jersey.

Your Daily Rainbow v3

Your Daily Rainbow started with my curiosity about Facebook’s “Celebrate Pride” image filtering algorithm after the U.S. Supreme Court decision recognizing the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. One of the more interesting aspects of the filter was that it didn’t use the original colors of the pride flag (to keep the photo underneath visible). To get the values of the modified colors, I did a series of experiments and set them as my Facebook profile picture for one day.

TangenT Art Collaborative

TangenT is an art collaborative dedicated to mixed-media, project-based, immersive art environments exploring socially relevant and politically current themes. Participating artists include sculptor Yvonne Love, photographer Gabrielle Russomagno, and animator williamCromar. Since 2008, TangenT has created large scale works including RedAct at Crane Arts Ice Box space (2016), a performance of flySpec at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center (2015), and several web-based installations including d1ASp0RA for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival’s Digital Fringe series (2016).
Handle: cromarwilliam

Weight of Water

Weight of Water is a multimedia meditation on toxicity and trust inspired by groundwater contamination in the Philadelphia metropolitan region. It constitutes a series of artworks made over the course of two years by TangenT ArT CollaboraTive in partnership with community organizations, activists, and representatives from the EPA and CDC. Exploring American ideals of individualism, patriotism and community, along with the increasingly tenuous link between governance and truth in the aftermath of groundwater contamination in and around Warminster, PA.

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